Crop Insurance Claims


Basic Claim Information

Fall Harvest/ Claim Season

As you prepare for the fall harvest please remember to take time and keep good harvest records. Scale tickets with farm name, settlement sheets, bin markings, and printable combine harvest records are ways to do this. Grain bin markings need to be made with a permanent maker showing the farm and date for which the grain originated. We have folders available to store scale tickets and settlement sheets for each unit. Please let our office know if you would like folders to help separate your production records. If you have a claim the more information you can give the adjuster the better off you will be.
As you harvest your crops please keep your agent informed if you believe you may have a claim. Adjusters may be in short supply during heavy claim years.

Aflatoxin & Corn

Aflatoxin is covered under crop insurance policies with the Quality Adjustment Factors & Discount Factor. If you suspect Aflatoxin in your field, do not harvest it and do not store it in on farm storage. If the toxin is suspected or discovered, notify our office immediately so we can have an adjuster come and take samples to a third party testing lab in order to determine the severity of the infestation. Only an adjuster is permitted to take samples and have them tested for crop insurance purposes. There is no coverage for any damaged corn once it has entered a storage facility! Make sure you do not store any damaged grain this year, as there is no coverage for quality once the grain has entered a storage facility. If you suspect any Vomitoxin in your grain do not harvest it and do not store it, until you have been advised so by your crop insurance adjuster.

High Claim Reviews

High dollar claim reviews will be triggered for any claim or combination of claims on multiple units that exceeds $200,000. If a claim is over $200,000, then you must provide the previous years crop records. If there are any errors with those records, then you must provide 3 years of crop records. Records include, FSA planting documentation, settlement sheets, feed records and appraisals to prove yields. It would be wise if you suspect a high dollar claim that the 3 year production records be organized to save time later this fall. 

Precision Claim Reporting

Are you tired of gathering FSA documents and Settlement Sheets for your crop adjuster? Ask us today if your operation can qualify for Automated Crop Reporting, the first step in making the claims process hassle free!

In order to qualify for a Precision Claim, the insured must be able to provide as-planted maps, harvest yield maps and a calibration report.  At Goldinger Insurance Services, we will process all of your Precision Ag Data at no additional charge in order to provide the Approved Insurance Provider the required information to work a Precision Claim.